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In 2008, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jenny Oakes Sobera opened Village Dermatology in her hometown of Mountain Brook, Alabama with a single purpose: providing patients and families with the highest quality skin care available. She assembled a group of board-certified dermatologists, medical and aesthetic staff who share this vision. Together, they’ve earned a reputation for excellent care and impressive results. Along with a state-of-the-art medical facility, Village Dermatology includes the Skin for Life Boutique and the Aesthetic & Laser Center. All procedures provided by our doctors are performed in-office for a more convenient, comfortable and cost-effective patient experience.  Learn More


Every practice thinks they deliver the best care to their patients but what do the patients think?  We ask all of our patients how their experience was after their visit with us.  This testimonial feed is “real time” and not edited by anyone.  So the testimonials you see are the actual experiences of our patients.  Learn More


Many patients complain about not being able to see their dermatologist when they have an urgent need.  We understand that you are a busy individual so we have created our GoDerm appointments.  GoDerm appointments are daily appointments for those patients that have one dermatological issue that needs to be seen as soon as possible.  Learn More

Skin for Life Boutique

The Skin for Life Boutique was created to assist all patients in navigating the increasingly confusing world of skin care products. Every product has been carefully curated by our thought leading dermatologists to ensure our patients have access to the best skin care products available on the market today. We offer secure online ordering to provide maximum convenience for our patients. Schedule a complimentary skin analysis today with one of our skin care specialists and start taking control of your skin care regimen.  Learn More

Core 4 Skin Care Program

Everyone needs a roadmap or directions when they are going to start a journey. That is exactly what the Core 4 Skin Care Program is for our patients. This program allows you to cut through the noise in the skincare market and understand exactly what you need to start and continue your skin care regimen for the best results. Many products in our Skin for Life Boutique fit nicely into this program and with the direction of our skin care specialist can enable you to become a more educated consumer.   Learn More

Trish McEvoy

Makeup “closes the loop” on beautiful skin. It is the final step in our skincare routine before we head out into the world each day. That is why we are so excited to have partnered with Trish McEvoy. We are the first dermatology practice in the US to partner with Trish and her makeup line. Dr. Sobera states, “Trish has a line of makeup for the everyday you.” It is as functional as you are and can be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing that day.  Learn More

Bridal Packages

Got a big day coming up?  Need some advice on how to make your skin look amazing from actual skin care experts?  We got you covered!  Get a customized treatment plan for your big day with everything from skin rejuvenation to getting rid of stubborn areas of fat.  Learn More


Thinking about joining our Village? An outstanding staff is the key to our success here at Village Dermatology. Great people help make our vision for a great medical practice come true. In fact, we believe this is one thing that really sets us apart from other practices. If you have a passion for helping people and can help us execute our vision of helping all our patients live a beautiful life then we want to hear from you!

We offer competitive pay with a multitude of benefits. To see a list of all our open positions please click here.

Physician Referral Form

We take our referrals from medical practices very seriously. It honors us when you refer your patients to our practice, so we want to do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible. Click here here to be taken to our Physician Referral Page and download the form you need to fax to our office.