What is Skincare?

“Skincare” or “Skin care” can mean many different things to different individuals. Generally, this term applies to a wide variety of practices, including products, injectables, skincare treatments, and other things that support the skin. Skincare is a massive undertaking. Let’s not kid ourselves. To care for your skin (i.e., skincare) is to take care of your body’s largest organ, which is no small feat. Combine this with all of the “noise” in the skincare marketplace, and it can make even the most sophisticated consumer a little hesitant.

Skincare Experts

Here at Village Dermatology, we specialize in all types of caring for the skin. Our experienced dermatology team treats diseases of the skin regularly. Our Aesthetic and Laser Center has a full range of non-invasive skincare treatments. We are nationally ranked for our Botox and injectable procedures. Our Mohs Department eliminates skin cancers and restores the skin with the latest plastic and reconstructive techniques. So, we are adept at all things “Skincare.”

However, taking care of your skin does not end when you leave our office.  The majority of skin care happens when you are at home.  That is where quality skincare products come in to support, protect, and enhance any treatment you receive from our dermatology team.

Skincare Products

Topical skincare products. The products you use daily help keep your skin looking its best!

At Village Dermatology, we provide our clients with a complete line of curated medical-grade products from the industry’s leading companies. Our Dermatologists have hand-picked the best products from the best companies on the market so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the skincare products you are buying.

Our practice carries a wide range of medical-grade skincare products from leading companies.  Some of the lines we carry include SkinMedica, Revision Skincare, EltaMD, Neocutis, Epionce, Skinceuticals, SkinBetter, Alastin, and more!  We also carry Trish McEvoy make-up in our boutique.  We are one of the only dermatology practices in the country to carry the full line of Trish McEvoy products to complement our vast array of skincare products.

Skin for Life Boutique

We are very thankful to have a skincare boutique for our clients. Our Skin for Life Boutique lets you shop the best in skincare products, makeup, and clothing. The Skin for Life Boutique is located on the first floor of our building at our primary location in Moutain Brook, AL.  We have Skincare Specialists ready and able to help you with any skincare questions you may have. Whether it is a complimentary skin evaluation or you are trying to figure out which sunscreen you should use, we have you covered.

Skincare Evaluations

If you don’t know where to start in your skincare journey, please consider a complimentary skincare evaluation from one of our Skincare Specialists in our Skin for Life Boutique.  During a skincare evaluation, you can begin to understand the basics of skincare.  Some of the information you might receive during your evaluation is as follows:

  • Skincare for different decades 30s, 40’s, etc
  • In what order should I apply my products?
  • What is my skin type (oily, dry, acne-prone, combination)?
  • Skincare on a budget
  • What products should I avoid if I have sensitive skin?
  • Which products won’t clog my pores?

Online Skincare Store

Village Dermatology offers clients online shopping and makes getting your favorite skincare products as simple as clicking a button.  Our Skin for Life team will pack and ship your products directly from our office.

Just need to swing by and pick something up?  No problem!  Simply place the order on our online store or call us, and we will have your order ready to be picked up within 30 minutes.

Core 4 Skincare Program

We have developed the Core 4 skincare program to make these decisions easier. You don’t have to worry about picking products and wondering if they will meet your skin’s specific needs. Get everything you need in a complete skincare regimen with our Core 4 skincare program. The Core 4 system is a way of understanding the fundamentals of restoring, maintaining, and protecting your skin for life.

Check out our article entitled “What are skincare essentials?” here for more.

We hope you take advantage of the ways Village Dermatology can help you care for your skin. We are Skincare Experts and love to help our patients enjoy their best skin! If you have any additional questions about skincare products, regimens, or just skincare tips, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our Skincare Specialists at our Skin for Life Boutique.