Who is this for?

If you sweat a lot you are not alone.  This common condition known as hyperhidrosis affects nearly 37 million people in the United States.  Thankfully there have been massive improvements in the technology we can use to treat this common condition.  One of the more recent improvements is a procedure called miraDry®.  MiraDry is an FDA approved treatment that uses thermal energy to eliminate sweat and odor glands.

Is it permanent?

Yes it is!  There are a lot of bad things about sweat/odor glands but one of the good things about them is that once they are destroyed they are gone forever.  That means you do not have to come back to the office for repeat treatments as with other options for sweating.

Is it safe?

Miradry has been used on 100,000’s of patients across the United States.  You may be asking yourself, “But don’t I need my sweat glands?”  Yes, your body is made up of millions of sweat glands with only about 2% of them residing in your underarm area.  Your body will still be able to cool itself once these specific glands have been targeted and eliminated.

Does it hurt?

Some patients report soreness or swelling, however, these symptoms usually subside after a couple of weeks.  Some patients may experience having a numb or “funny feeling” in the skin of their underarms or upper arms.  Again, these symptoms are temporary and gradually disappear over time.


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