Molluscum is a common viral infection seen most often in children. Eliminating this condition can be a bumpy road for you or your children, but we can significantly speed up the process. Molluscum is more common in children with eczema, and it is more prevalent in warmer climates. It is not harmful but can become itchy, inflamed or infected. Molluscum is contagious, particularly when children bathe, swim, share towels or engage in skin contact and scratching. It will disappear but may take months or even years.

Once exposed to the virus, it can take 2 weeks to 6 months for lesions to appear. They usually present as small round bumps of various sizes and often have a shiny appearance with or without a central indention. Oftentimes the molluscum causes a dermatitis and, the surrounding skin can become dry and itchy.

Complications are rare but include infection, a secondary rash called an “ID reaction,” and scarring. Common treatments include oral and topical medications and sometimes freezing or scraping. We try to make the treatment comfortable for kids, so we most often apply a painless in-office topical medication called Cantharone. With any treatment method, patience is important, as multiple visits may be required to eradicate the molluscum. We generally separate visits by 2 to 3 weeks. New lesions may continue to appear even after treatment has been initiated.

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