Have you ever needed a dermatology appointment for something urgent but couldn’t get in for weeks?  We understand!  That is why we have created our GoDerm clinic appointments every day at our Mountain Brook location.  Every clinic day we hold appointments for patients that have urgent dermatological issues and need to be seen by one of our medical providers.  We understand that everyone is busy and our goal is to provide these appointments as a way to make sure our amazing patients don’t have to wait for an appointment if they have a serious issue.  To be considerate of other patients that have standing appointments during the day we only allow these appointments for one dermatology related issueThese appointments are not for full body skin exams or consultations.

Here at Village Dermatology, we specialize in treating all sorts of dermatology issues.  Our Board-Certified Dermatology and State Licensed Physician Assistants are here to serve you and get you on your way.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of care for our patients.  Our GoDerm appointments are just one way we are trying to accomplish that goal.

If you have an urgent need for an appointment then please call our office at 205.877.9773.

If it is after hours then please fill out the form below for a GoDerm appointment.

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