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Diamond Glow     250 | 300 with dermaplane
Diamond tip exfoliates and extracts
SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serum
All skin types

HydraFacial     250 | 300 with dermaplane
Hydradermabrasion with extraction and peel
Antiox infusion
All skin types

Hydrafacial Keravive   200 (partial) – 300 (full) per session
3-step process using our Hydrafacial device to remove build-up,
infuse a special blend of growth factors to hydrate and nourish the scalp, and a take-home serum to use nightly for 30 days.
Recommend an initial series of 3 sessions, then maintenance every 1-6 months

Chemical Peel     120 and up
Exfoliate and improve texture, unwanted pigmentation and melasma
Consultation recommended. Series for best results.

Custom Facial    175 | add-ons 30+
Pamper yourself with a treatment catered to your skincare needs
Add-ons: eyebrow tinting or sculpting, extractions, light glycolic peel, dermaplane

Dermaplane     85
Removal of dead skin cells and peach fuzz for a smooth appearance and enhanced penetration of products

Laser Hair Removal     
Reduce unwanted hair with our GentleMax Pro, the gold standard for hair reduction. Series for best results.
Safe for light and darker skin tones

Pricing varies and will be discussed at visit

Core Four
No skin maintenance program is complete without these four:
1 – Collagen Stimulation | 2 – Hydration | 3 – Cell turnover | 4 – Protection
Visit our Skin for Life boutique for a Core Four consultation, or

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Want to stay “forever young”? BBL is the gold standard in photorejuvenation. Little to no downtime.
400 face | 300 neck | 500 chest | 300 hands | 700 forearms (includes hands) | 1300 full arms (includes hands) | 1000 lower legs | 1600 full legs
-100 same day add-on per area
350 SkinPen same day add-on

Definitely the “next big thing”! Ellacor uses “micro-coring” technology to remove tiny cores of skin with hollow needles, resulting in reduced skin laxity and improved texture in the mid and lower face, neck and even some body areas. Downtime is 3-5 days in most people, and 1-3 sessions are typically required.
Pricing available at consultation

Get the Halo Glow. Hybrid fractional laser for skin resurfacing with less downtime than traditional resurfacing. Consultation required. Alastin Nectar recovery system included.
1800 one area | 3100 two areas same day
400 exosomes | 300 PRP add-on per area

Looking for a laser treatment with little to no downtime? YES PLEASE! Moxi treats visible signs of aging while producing radiant skin.
700 one area | 1300 two areas same day
400 exosomes | 300 PRP add-on per area
BBL + Moxi 1000 one area

Pixel8 RF
Microneedling boosted with radiofrequemcy energy. Stimulates collagen to improve lines, texture and pores while tightening skin of face and neck. Consultation required. Series of 2-3 for best results.
800 one area | 2160 series of three
1500 two areas same day | 3900 series of three
400 exosomes | 300 PRP add-on per area

Give your collagen a workout with microneedling. Creates micro-injuries to stimulate your skins innate repiair and remodeling for improved tone and texture, as well as improving scars and stretch marks. Series of 3 for best results.
400 one area
350 add-on each additional area same day
400 exosomes | 300 PRP add-on per treatment

Diminish unwanted redness, red spots, and broken capillaries.
Series may be needed for best results.
300 and up

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In addition to prescription acne treatments, our products and services are effective
alone or along with the treatments prescribed by our medical providers.
TheraClear | NEW treatment using broad band light and suction
Chemical Peels | Hydrafacial | Custom facial with extractions
Medical grade acne products | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Rosacea can lead to redness, breakouts and sensitivity. In addition to prescriptions offered by our medical providers, we offer medical grade products and services to help you take care of you rosacea-prone skin.
BBL | treats background redness
ExcelV | treats redness and broken capillaries
Medical grade products | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Melasma leads to patchy hyperpigmentation in sun-exposed areas and can be a challenge. Prescription treatments are often necessary, but we offer products and services to supplement your regimen for better results.
Halo | Chemical Peels | Microneedling
Medical grade melasma products | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis/Psoriasis
These chronic inflammatory skin conditions can be uncomfortable. They are common and frequently diagnosed and managed by our medical providers. We also offer laser treatments and skincare products to supplement your regimen and improve quality of life.
Extrac Laser | must be prescribed by a medical provider | may be covered by insurance
Medical grade products to support skin with these conditions | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Scaly, Itchy Scalp/Dandruff/Seborrheic Dermatitis
Scalp itching and scaling can be uncomfortable, frustrating and embarrassing. We offer several medical-grade skincare products to alleviate symptoms. Prescription treatments may also be needed.
Medical grade hair care | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Hair Loss
Women and men commonly suffer from thinning hair. We offer prescription and non-prescription products and treatments that can help stabilize and improve hair loss. Start by seeing one of our providers to be educated on the potential cause of your hair loss.
PRP | platelet-rich plasma injections (uses your own blood)
Viviscal oral supplement
Medical grade skin and hair care | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn from our experts

Nails – thin, brittle, damaged, fungal
We also offer prescription and non-prescription treatment for nail health.
DermaNail solution | Visit our Skin for Life boutique to learn more from our experts

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