Botox Savings Program

Is there really such a thing?

Yes, there really is a Botox Savings Program! The actual name of the program is Allē and is offered through the company that makes Botox, Allergan. There is no fee to sign up, and the program essentially runs like any reward program you are used to currently (think Delta Frequent Flyer Program or Marriott Rewards Program). The way the program works is every time you purchase a product or service under the Allergan Aesthetic umbrella you receive “points.” These points can be converted to dollars whenever you want to use them for your treatment. The calculation for the points conversion is for every 100 points you get $10.

Different Levels of Savings

There are 3 different levels of the program:

  1. Silver
    1. A person achieves a Silver level just by signing up. The Silver level gets you access to all the functionality of the program like obtaining and converting points. The silver level ranges from 0 – 599 Points
  2. Gold
    1. A Gold Level member receives everything a Silver Level member does except they get an additional 50 points with every purchase. Plus, they get a digital gift. The Gold Level ranges for 600- 1199 Points
  3. Diamond
    1. Anything above 1200 points you become a Diamond Level member. A Diamond Level member receives everything a Gold Level member does except they get an additional 100 points with every purchase. Plus, there points never expire!

Expiring Botox Savings

While we are on the subject of expiring points. We at Village Dermatology closely monitor all our patient’s points status for expiring points on a monthly basis. Until you reach that Diamond Level, your points are at risk of expiring, but we do everything we can to make sure you don’t lose out on this free money. The timeline for points to expiring is 9 months after the points were issued to your account. So, for example, if you received a Botox treatment on January 9, 2019, then those particular points would expire on September 9, 2019, unless you crossed the 1200 point mark and became a Diamond-level member. Then your points will never expire!

Other Benefits of the Botox Savings Program

While most people may call this the “Botox Savings Program,” it applies to all the aesthetic products offered by Allergan. Different levels of points are offered depending on which products you purchase from our practice. Here is a list of the different products and their point values.

Point Levels

There are 3 different point levels you can earn at depending on what you purchase:

  1. 100 Point Level
    1. Latisse
    2. SkinMedica Topical Products
    3. Vobella 0.55ml syringe
  2. 200 Point Level
    1. Botox Cosmetic
    2. Juvederm XC
    3. CoolSculpting Cycle
  3. 300 Point Level
    1. Voluma XC
    2. Vobella XC 1.0ml syringe
    3. Vollure
    4. Kybella

What Else Can I Do With My Botox Points?

Can I give my points to someone else? No, you cannot. The points under this program are non-transferable. However, you can cash your points in and give them to a charity. Allergan will make a donation on your behalf to the charity (please note: These donations are not tax-deductible). The charities that you can donate to are the Make-a-Wish Foundation ( and the Dress for Success ( foundation.

Some practices participate in this program, and some do not. Obviously, we here at Village Dermatology are more than happy to participate in this amazing program as it saves our patients money!

To sign up for this program, we HIGHLY recommend that you download the app from the app store or Google Play. You will see an icon with a purple “BD” which stands for Brilliant Distinctions. You can also visit the Allē website to learn more about this program.  If you have any additional questions, please let us know, and we will be happy to have someone call you in regard to this amazing savings program.

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