“To say miraDry changed my life is an understatement…”


We were honored to receive this incredible testimonial from one of our miraDry patients. Read the full story below:

“I have been struggling with excessive sweating of my underarms ever since puberty. I would always sweat just enough that it would be visible on the underarms of my clothing all the time, even in the winter months. I tried different deodorants my whole life; spray, gel, clinical strength, you name it. I never had much of an issue with body odor throughout the day, but after wearing a shirt more than once, it seemed as though the odor would linger in the underarm area even after washing and spot treating. White clothing was never an option for me. After just one wear, I would notice my white or lighter-colored shirts would be stained yellow so I avoided them at all costs. The sweating and stains were very embarrassing to me and took a huge toll on my confidence and mental health all my life, but I had pretty much given up on finding solutions because nothing I was doing was working. 

In 2021, I decided it was time to see a dermatologist. I tried prescription-strength deodorants that just left a giant burning, itching, red rash. I tried prescription wipes that seemed to work but had to be applied several times daily and left me experiencing uncomfortable side effects that didn’t leave me feeling like it was worth continuing. My next step was underarm Botox injections. I did these injections for about a year and they helped significantly with the sweating. Though my insurance covered most of the costs, I still was forced to pay a copay that would range from $120-200 each visit, which was typically every 3 months, and this didn’t include the copays for the office visit. While I was satisfied with the results at the time, it was becoming increasingly expensive as time went on, as it was something I would have to continue paying for every 3 months for the rest of my life, as well as find the time to fit in the office visit into my busy schedule. 

I had heard of miraDry years prior while in college but it was never an option for me because of costs. After considering the ongoing cost of the Botox injections and appointments, I decided that miraDry would be the better and more permanent option and it was time to make the investment. I had been receiving various treatments at Village for some time now and knew they offered miraDry, so it seemed like a no brainer. During my consultation, Jane was very attentive and listened to my story and my concerns. She informed me of the risks, what to expect, recovery, and provided ways for me to check in with her if any concerns arose. She was very thorough and educational throughout the entire process, even teaching me that not only would miraDry help with sweating permanently, but the odor as well! The procedure itself was a breeze. She made sure I was comfortable the entire time and I didn’t experience any pain during the entire procedure! Jane prepared me well for the swelling in the days to come, the worst of it the first 2 days, but lessening with each day for about a week. Jane insisted that icing as much as possible would help with the swelling and she couldn’t have been more right! A 2 hour procedure, some swelling, and some slight numbness in the treatment area and I was sweat AND odor free after a very long 18 years!! 

To say miraDry changed my life is an understatement. I am 3 months post treatment and it still is the best investment I have ever made for myself! I personally have experienced very minimal side effects, but was very prepared by Jane the entire time which I feel made a huge difference in the recovery. I’ve had one miraDry treatment and I’m currently experiencing a 100% reduction in sweat AND odor!! I can wear white shirts again and I’m saving tons on deodorant! I’m very grateful to Jane, Village Dermatology, and miraDry for making me feel confident again! The entire experience was a pleasurable, positive one and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

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