This Facial Can Help Clear Acne


In honor of June being Acne Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about why I feel facials are one of the best things you can do to treat acne.

Acne facials of yesteryear often left a mark – literally and figuratively. Consisting mainly of manual extractions and harsh chemical peels, these aggressive treatments left patients traumatized vowing never to return.  

These days, the facials I perform, focus as much on education as they do on treatment. While gentle extractions are often a necessary part of the facial, I believe the patient benefits equally from the counseling as well as the treatment. People are often surprised to learn acne is not always due to oily skin. External triggers such as cosmetics, perspiration and household products that aren’t suited for their particular skin type can also cause acne.

My preferred acne facial is the Hydrafacial.  The Hydrafacial is a four-step facial treatment combining cleansing, exfoliation, a low percentage glycolic/salicylic peel and suction – all of which are perfectly suited to help clear congested pores and treat acne. Exfoliation removes excess dead skin cells that can mix with the oil on the skin’s surface, resulting in clogged pores.  Additionally, adding the Glysal chemical peel to your Hydrafacial helps dry oilier areas, lighten residual pigment from past breakouts and reduce inflammation. And last but not least – the star of the show…suction! The suction helps to relieve pressure associated with inflamed acne and smooths rough texture. Armed with the right information, clearing your skin is within reach.


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