Five reasons everyone needs a Hydrafacial

Number 1 reason you need a Hydrafacial

The number one reason that you want a HydraFacial is it going to cleanse your skin. The Hydrafacial Machine uses its amazing patented suction handpiece to whisk away all the build of dirt you have on your skin. During the day, your face is assaulted with dirt, bacteria, pollution, viruses, and other non-mentionable things. This step is essential as we bathe your skin with the amazing solutions the Hydrafacial has for prepping you for the next step, which is exfoliation. Your face will be amazingly clean after your Hydrafacial.

Number 2 reason you need a Hydrafacial

Exfoliation is vital in a Hydrafacial Treatment. Exfoliation aims to remove dead skin cells and other build-ups that cleansing cannot remove. This serves several essential factors. First, this allows the solutions we are going to apply to your face to absorb into the skin and work better. Second, it allows better circulation within the skin, and lastly, the exfoliation will help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, whether you come in with a little bit of pigment or your skin is dehydrated, we are going to exfoliate your skin for the best possible results.

Number 3 reason you need a Hydrafacial

A light chemical peel. This is where we can customize the treatment by determining what strength of peel to use. This is determined by your home regimen, age and skin type. This superficial glycolic/salicylic chemical peel is not going to make you flake or peel, but it is going to help to give you that great red carpet glow.

Number 4 reason you need a Hydrafacial

This is everybody’s favorite! Extractions! We are going to bump up the suction on the patented Hydrafacial suction handpiece and clean out those pores, especially on your nose. Clogged pores and blackheads beware! This is great for guys, by the way. Mainly because they don’t have makeup, so they can’t cover it up as women can. So, there you go. Extractions, Number four!

Number 5 reason you need a Hydrafacial

And, finally, we end with a leave-on treatment. The end of a Hydrafacial Treatment is capped off by putting a great solution on your face and let your skin drink it in. This solution has peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins that you can take advantage of all day long as your skin soaks in all that “good stuff.” Moreover, you are going to actually get the “good stuff” in your skin because we have already exfoliated your skin in Number 2, so everything is going to go to work, and it is going to leave you with a beautiful glow. Most of us in the skincare business like to call it dewy. So, you’ll have dewy skin.

Conclusion – Top 5 reasons you need a Hydrafacial

HydraFacial. We love this treatment because you have great results for days. So if you have a big event coming up or you simply want to maintain the health of your skin, consider this fantastic treatment! Also, try coupling this with the dermaplaning treatment for even longer-lasting results.

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