Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a new line or wrinkle? As we age, we lose the natural volume in our faces, causing the skin to sag and look older. Fillers that volumize can restore facial fullness lost to the aging process. The correct procedure can enhance your natural beauty and make you look youthful and feel refreshed.

Are you worried that having a procedure will make you look “done”? I’m confronted with this concern daily; my patients want to look younger but have seen the overfilled lips and frozen faces of reality stars and celebrities. Given that we are constantly inundated with images of unnatural, plastic facial features, it can be very intimidating to step into the world of cosmetic procedures. The secret to beautiful results is to look like your natural self but more youthful and radiant. This can be achieved with the thoughtful placement of products like Botox and Dysport as well as the restoration of hollows in the face with dermal fillers.

Over the past two decades, dermal filler techniques have evolved significantly. Originally, a two-dimensional approach focused on correcting the “parentheses” around the mouth. Now, a more three-dimensional approach is used to lift the cheeks to their previous form, which in turn helps correct drooping in the lower face, including the jowls. You can place filler along the jawline to give a more defined appearance. The temples can be rejuvenated to look less gaunt and the under eyes can be filled to minimize circles. Filler can also be placed in less known locations such as the hands to minimize visibility of veins and the earlobes to avoid drooping earrings.

Most of the fillers we use are made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our dermis that helps hold water in the skin. These fillers have minimal risk, primarily temporary bruising and swelling. We are fortunate at Village Dermatology to have the Cutera Excel V laser which can treat bruises and speed their resolution to as little as 12 hours. Fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on which product is used. If a patient loves their filler but would like longer lasting results, additional products can be used which stimulate the patient’s own collagen over time. In the unlikely event you’re unhappy with the results of filler, such as an area feeling too full, it’s comforting to know that hyaluronic acid fillers can be easily reversed and the treated area returned to its prior appearance.

On the day of your filler procedure, topical numbing cream is placed on the skin to make the process more comfortable. To help prevent bruises, anti-inflammatories such as Advil, Aleve, and aspirin should be avoided for 5-7 days prior to treatment, unless prescribed by a physician. Fresh pineapple and arnica supplements can help prevent bruising as well. Most patients have minimal discomfort and return to daily activities immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about what fillers can do for you, schedule a consultation with one of our board certified dermatologists. All of our doctors are trained in the latest filler techniques and can help create a plan with you. Getting older is inevitable but it’s not inevitable to have to live with lines and wrinkles. Let us enhance your natural beauty to make you look youthful and feel refreshed.