We are often approached by patients with the common complaint of unwanted spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that addresses this popular concern. The treatment involves the provider injecting the prominent vessels with a sclerosing agent. This causes irritation of the lining of the vessel, and within 6-8 weeks, the vessel scars down on itself and disappears from our sight. To improve efficacy and to decrease complications, we advise that you wear medical grade stocking for 1-2 weeks following the procedure. Side effects are rare but include mild itching at the site of injection, bruising, hyperpigmentation (dark discoloration), ulceration and clot formation. Results can vary person to person, and insurance does not cover the procedure. Sclerotherapy has been around since the 1930s, and is a safe and effective way to treat these unwanted vessels. For more information or to see if you are a good candidate, call our office and schedule a consult today.