What is Vanquish™? Vanquish is a non-invasive, non-contact body sculpting treatment that uses heat to kill and eliminate fat cells in the abdomen and flank area. It requires no surgery, no downtime and it never even touches the skin! After each Vanquish treatment, our Body Sculpting Specialist will use a device called Cellutone™ on the treated area. Cellutone accelerates your results by increasing lymphatic drainage and can even help with cellulite!

How does Vanquish work? Vanquish has three plates that hover over the abdomen area without touching you. During the treatment, you lie comfortably on a bed while the device delivers controlled radio frequencies, heating the underlying fat and destroying fat cells. Over the next several weeks, the lymphatic system eliminates the dead fat cells, naturally flushing away excess fat.

What areas can you treat with Vanquish? Vanquish treats the abdomen and flank area at the same time. Vanquish boasts the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry!

Does it hurt? Vanquish is virtually painless. Most patients describe it as being warm like a heating pad.

What is the downtime? None! Most patients schedule their treatments during their lunch break and return to work immediately after.

How many treatments will I need? We require a minimum of 4 treatments spaced a week apart. Some patients choose to do 6 treatments for enhanced results. You can always opt for more treatments in the future.

How can I prepare for my Vanquish treatment? Patients are strongly encouraged to be well hydrated the day of and day after treatment.

When will I see results? Many patients report seeing results as soon as the second session, with full results seen 8 weeks after the final treatment.

Are results permanent? Results are permanent with a healthy lifestyle. If there is weight gain after your treatment, Vanquish will not cause excess fat in untreated areas. Fat cells in the treated area may enlarge, but no new fat cells will form, minimizing weight gain in the treated areas.

Who is a candidate? Vanquish is for patients looking to eliminate stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. Vanquish is also a great option for patients who are not CoolSculpting candidates. Vanquish is not a weight loss procedure, and is not appropriate for patients who have metal implants near the treatment area. Schedule a consultation with our Body Sculpting Specialist to see if Vanquish is right for you.

What’s the difference between Vanquish and CoolSculpting? While CoolSculpting is used to sculpt smaller areas all around the body, Vanquish is great for bulk reduction in the midsection. We love pairing the two together and using the Vanquish first to reduce, and then use CoolSculpting to sculpt at the end!

How much can I expect to spend? Vanquish is $3500 for 4 treatments and $5000 for 6 treatments.

How do I get started? Call us at 205.572.4906 to schedule a consultation with our Body Sculpting Specialist, Jane Vickers!